Exceptional Newborn
Care Services

The Choice Care's  newborn care services, are tailored to ease your transition into parenthood. Our experienced nannies, also known as baby nurses, provide comprehensive care for your newborn, from assisting with post-delivery recovery to establishing a regular schedule and daily routine for your newborn.

A baby sleeping in his crib with a blanket and toy.

Baby Nurses

Our team of team of baby nurses is either mothers themselves or professionals with more than a decade of experience in newborn care services. They are experts in caring for preemies, singletons, and multiples. Our nannies not only provide care for your newborn while you rest but also share effective techniques to help your baby sleep through the night.

Strict Screening Process

Choice Care's goal is to provide you with the confidence and skills you need to succeed in caring for your newborn. Our baby nurse are there to provide physical support through the Postpartum Experience as well as offer emotional support during this exciting, life-changing period.

We take pride in our thorough selection and screening process, ensuring that we match you with an experienced baby nurse who will provide the best care for your newborn(s) in your home. We work with you every step of the way, making sure that you understand the role of our nannies and how they can assist you in caring for your newborn.

A woman holding a baby in her arms.